Debt Consolidation Canada

Life is full of surprises and if people do not adapt to new situations they might be in serious financial debt trouble.

This is the story of a couple living in Canada. Both were working and each had above average salaries. The lady was offered a nice job in Vancouver. Since her spouse was retiring soon, they decided to move west and enjoy the Pacific. He retired and she continued a very successful career.

The couple liked to live to the fullest and never really looked at expenses. They had retirement savings and used them to keep up the good live. They bought a hot tub, a nice dog from champion bloodlines, a luxury car, and she enjoyed wearing expensive jewels. They used credit cards because they were getting points, air miles, and cash back. They slowly built a credit card debt.

Everything was fine until she was laid off from her job. Instead of living on an above average salary, they were now living on his retirement income only. They still owed money on the credit cards, the car payments were high and the mortgage was even higher. The couple started fighting over little things and stress was affecting their health.

She finally found a job. The salary was low and they had to find a solution to get out of debt. They consulted many financial institutions and decided that the best solution for them was DebtCafe debt consolidation. They now make all their payments once a month and have time to be creative in finding other sources of income.

Nobody plans on being in debt however it happens to many people. There are ways to overcome debt by adapting to new situations, finding new sources of income, and in some cases consolidate debts.